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car window tint

What is Car Window Tint?

Car window tint is a type of window film that is applied to the windows of a car. It comes in different shades of black, which lets in different amounts of light. The more light the tint lets in, the lighter the film will be. The shade of a the tint is usually displayed with a percentage. So for example, a 5% shade would allow in 5% light, meaning it’s a dark shade.

Car window tints are self-adhesive films are are installed onto the inside of a vehicles windows. On some vehicles, the tint may need to be heated, in order for the film to match the curvature of the glass. This is called heat shrinking and is mostly carried out on the rear screen window.

Tints for vehicles have had a bad name in the past, due to ‘joy riders’ mostly using them as an obstruction so that police cannot see them. However, the reputation is climbing, due to more people realising that car window tint has more benefits that just looks.

The Benefits Of Car Window Tint

Keeps Your Car Cool In The Summer

car tint driving











Car window tint can help keep your cool in the searing heats of the summer. The amount of heat reduced will depend on the shade of the tint and manufacturer. The darker the shade, the more heat that will be stopped. Generally, the dark 0-5% shades, will reduce around 50-70% of heat. This will drastically improve the conditions when your car has been parked for a few hours in the sun.

Blocks Ultra-Violet Rays












UV rays are harmful to our skin, as they’re the ones that cause sun burn and skin cancer. The car tint will block 99% of UV rays, so those will sensitive skin conditions can drive in the safe knowledge that they’re being protected. Truckers are known for using car tint, as one side of their faces tends to ‘age’ quicker than the other because of the long haul driving they have to do.

Creates Privacy

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Car tint reduce light passing through the glass, which means that vision will be obscured. When fitting the tints it will create some privacy and if fitting the darkest shade, then no one will be able to see into the vehicles windows. This is great if you store tools in your boot, or if you simply do not want people looking into your car. However, please check your local laws, as you may not be able to fit tints onto the front windows of your vehicle. In the UK, the maximum shade for the front windows is 70%.

Looks Great

Everyone knows they look great. They can turn a standard car into looking high end and makes you stand out from the crowd. Installing the tints may even increase the value of the car slightly before selling it on.

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