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Automotive Window Film

Automotive Window Film

Carbon Film

Carbon film is one of the nicest looking color stable films in the market and it is charcoal and black in color. Blocks more than 40% of the Infrared heat, without any metal and signal friendly.

Glue Tinted Film

Glue tinted film is self-adhesive heat rejection film made of metalized polyester film or transparent polyester film which adding various color between layers during converting process according to clients’ favorites.

Dye Film

Dye film is a kind of UV and solar heat rejection window film made of colored PET film with transparent adhesive.

Sputter Film

Sputter films are produced by vacuum sputter coating, a sputtering deposition process to cover a specimen with a thin layer of metal film, which are widely used for automobiles and buildings.

Nano Ceramic Film

General window films use metal elements to block solar heat during manufacturing process. But high reflectivity act like mirrors and high susceptibility to corrosion and discoloration. Premium IR Series are designed with no metal elements, using clear optical polyester. Don’t need to worry about any interference using electronic devices.

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