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19Oct 2015

Looking to start a window tinting company? You may want to look abroad—in Saudi Arabia. According to a recently-published report by TechSci Research, the window film market in the Middle Eastern nation is estimated to be valued at more than $84 million USD in 2015, nearly one-fifth the size of the U.S. market. That’s quite […]

27Aug 2015

In recent years, home window tinting has become increasingly popular in many types of home decor, especially since more homeowners have recognized the many benefits associated with tinting the windows in their homes. However, before heading to your local hardware store to inquire about types of window tinting, you should consider both the advantages and […]

02Jun 2015

Managing solar heat gain, light transmission, and glare have become critical pain points, as the use of architectural glass has grown globally and the pressure from building codes and standards to manage heat gain have risen. Compared to competing technologies such as switchable glazings, aerogel glazings, and daylighting skylights, after-market solar control films offer a […]

25Mar 2015

What is Car Window Tint? Car window tint is a type of window film that is applied to the windows of a car. It comes in different shades of black, which lets in different amounts of light. The more light the tint lets in, the lighter the film will be. The shade of a the […]

10Mar 2015

There exists many tales in regards to automotive window tinting, and like any other tales, some are based on facts and others on fallacies. We shall be looking at the truths concerning window tinting as well as debunking myths surrounding it. One of the areas in which myths abound about window tinting is how long […]

10Mar 2015

Window film has many benefits including reduced energy costs, a reduction in glare and increased privacy. However, what many don’t realize is that window film can actually help to save the lives of the people using it in a variety of different ways. Earthquake Protection Window film can be especially useful in areas that are […]

10Mar 2015

We all know that a prolonged exposure to UV rays can be bad, all thanks to our mothers constantly nagging us about applying sunscreen before going outside in the summer. Yet despite everything, there are still people that believe UV rays to be harmless and to cause nothing else than wrinkles and occasional sunburns. Those […]

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